HEART Service by Products

Bidet HEART Service

The most hygienic and efficient washing power equipped
with state-of-the-art technology for precious personal time.

01 Customer Specific Service Kit

Coway Bidet Service Kit is a dedicated management tool for each customer to dispose of after one use for hygienic management.


[ Individual Service KIT ]

Kit Components

[ Replacement Service Kit ]

1. Pre micro filter



2. Nozzle duct



3. Drying duct

[ Water Service Kit ]

4. Pottery cleaner


5. Niche cleaners


6. Gloves

02 Key Parts Replacement Service

The nozzles and the drying duct are the most vulnerable to contamination and should be managed by Heart Service.

Pre micro filter is replaced per regular term. (This service is only for BA-16 model)

Bidet HEART Service


Filter change


Niche clean service


Nozzle duct Management


Dry duct Management


Pottery cleaner input

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