CF-0120 Calf Massager

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Helps with leg health and shape
Model: CF-0120


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Relax, it’s the end of the day.

10 massasing elements for your ultimate comfort

3 Automatic Massage Modes

Effective Shiatsu Massage Mode
Aggressive Active Mode
Soft Relaxing Mode

Nano-Carbon Material

Nano Carbon material and super gloss finish
Beautiful detail and patterns
2-layer cover for cleaning
Ability to take apart for sanitation and cleaning

Heating element for enhanced massage effects

The heating element is extremely therapeutic as it wraps around your leg and feet.

3 Manual Modes for Selecting Body Parts and Enhanced Focus

New air shell massaging technology
The rubbing air panels rotate simultaneously
Massage your feet, heels, and legs

10 Total Massaging Elements for Enhanced Effects

6 Total Leg Pressure Point Massagers
4 Total Heel Pressure point Massagers
Enhanced Pressure Point Feet Massagers

Nano-Carbon Material

Detachable Cover

Air Pressure Adjustable

Angle Adjustable

Temperature Adjustable

Hill Massager

Air Massage

English Remote Controller

Body Care Heart Service

For a hygienic and healthy life.

Coway code is always accurately collected with regular filter/part replacement.

hand management services.

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