CHP-251L Counter Top Purifier


Filter for Water Filtration Ceramic Filter 7 (New Code), Water Filtration Inno Sense Filter 8 S (New Code), Water Filtration RO Membrane Filter 8/20, Water Filtration Neo Sense Filter 8 S (New Code)

Recommend Replacement Cycle: Countertop model that fits in any type of kitchen counters


Cold and hot water purifier with simple one-touch function

Easy operation with quantitative extraction method

Down Payment $100 Down Payment $0 Down Payment
6 Years Lease Monthly Payment $39.99 $42.99
5 Years Lease Monthly Payment $46.99 $49.99
3 Years Lease Monthly Payment $49.99 $52.99

Price exclusive of TAX/Standard price for direct debit

Product size (W×H×D) 12.6×16×21.3 inch

Tank capacity 1.57 gal (purified water 0.71/ cold water 0.6/hot water 0.26)

Purchase Cost: $1,399

Membership Fee (Monthly) $21.99

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