Stand type water purifier

  • Hot & cold water temperature and volume indicator at a glance
  • Removable barrel base for large container dispensing (ie water bottles, thermos)
  • Stylishly designed exterior
  • 5-stage filtration system (Reverse Osmosis)


Cool capacity, stylish design

Convenient use with a rubber-type pouch

Down Payment $100 Down Payment $0 Down Payment
6 Years Lease Monthly Payment $51.99 $54.99
5 Years Lease Monthly Payment $58.99 $61.99
3 Years Lease Monthly Payment $61.99 $64.99

Excluded price/standard price for direct debit

Product size (W×H×D)14.5×49.5×19.3 inch

Tank capacity type 5.6 gal (purified water 3.0/cold water 1.6/hot water 1.0)

Purchase Cost: $1,699.00

Membership Fee (Monthly) $24.99

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